Sunday, June 28, 2009

Claire getting ready for dance class!

Claire was soo excited to go to dance class and just loved her new leotard and tights and Silky Shoes!!!

She's come a long way, she didn't start walking until she was 3 and now she's dancing!
You just keep on dancing Sweet Pea!


  1. And keep on giving Mimi her Eskimo kisses! Even when you're 16!

  2. You can see the excitement in her face. She looks soooooo sweet in her little dance outfit. Brings back memories for me. My Kim used to take dance lessons. We lived in Littlefield, TX and every Thur. I drove her to Lubbock for dance lessons. They are darling strutting their stuff. Glad she loves it.

  3. Now that's exciting to see Claire excited about dancing and having fun! She looks so cute in her little tutu! What a wonderful Mom you are Wendy to get her into this, she will learn many things to help her along in life. I'm so proud of you Mommy, look at the joy you have given her. A shinning light she is. Warm regards Pearl

  4. The joy and excitement tell it all. She is so cute in her little dance outfit. Dance away Claire. Sharon

  5. Wendy I posted a picture of Claire on my site I hope you don't mind. Let me know

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