Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Around the World

Today we finished our study of China. I think we both had fun learning about China and their customs and New Year celebration. To add to the fun and learning experience we made a  lantern and a dragon and Claire danced around the living room ! ( I think Raja was Very interested in the the dragon!) Claire especially liked the puppet that I made and listened closely as she read stories and talked about the globe.What a fun month and Happy New Year to All!!!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Being Sick Does Strange Things

Last month I was sick for pretty much the whole month... in the mean time during one of my feverish moments I had a really beautiful... strange.... dream.. Beautiful that it was about my favorite color, strange that it was well......strange..... hallways full of everything shiny, and sparkly, and laces, and sequins and you name it hanging and it was Pretty ( if you like pink.)  so thus started my Pink Project, so I've been collecting, organizing, and drawing so I think I'm ready to begin... I'll keep you posted as I go.  ( unless it turns into a complete nightmare! )   Here's some of my gatherings..enjoy!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sensory Bins

I used to make small shoebox size sensory bins but then I saw what some people were doing so I started creating bigger bins for Claire.   I think I have as much fun collecting things, making, and putting the whole bin together as Claire does playing with it! This is  a picture of our February Valentine bin. Claire really likes them and it helps her with fine motor skills, cause and affect, and just plain fun! I'm already collecting things for next months St.Patricks Day and green bin!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

St. Lucy Day

This year we started a new tradition..celebrating St. Lucy Day on December 13th.  The night before we made wreaths out of paper plates and construction paper .Grandma and Aunt Marti made one too!  We also planted wheat that sprouts by Christmas and on Christmas Eve we put it next to our nativity to represent the bread of life.
  It's a tradition in Sweden that the oldest daughter carries a tray of coffee ( we omitted the coffee ) and  pastries called lussekatter to her parents before they arise in the morning.. so the night before we made cinnamon rolls ( thank you Pillsbury Rolls ) and frosted them and added maraschino cherries, in the morning I helped Claire put the tray together and she carried them to her dad...We all enjoyed and Claire was thrilled!! We will definitely be doing this again next year!

Happy Days!!!!

Well after much confusion and frustration I finally had my nephew come over and show me how to get my pictures to my computer and also to my emails and blog!!  So here I am and if you don't mind I'll be playing catch up from December. So I'm off to start my next blog With Pictures!!!! 
  So Glad to be back!! Wendy