Wednesday, January 25, 2012


You see I haven't weighed myself in months, with everything going on right now I just didn't think about it much, but I do like to keep track if I'm gaining or losing so I can kinda keep myself in check....Well yesterday was the day, I got up and first Claire was standing there playing around on the scale so I thought I haven't weighed myself in awhile and I've got time! I jumped on the scale anticipating the outcome when ERROR showed up ! ERROR??? like I lost so much weight error the scale couldn't believe it was me??( how I wish ) or I gained so much it doesn't register??? ( which right now I wouldn't be surprised as I haven't exercised in months!) But Error??? needless to say I think it's probably the batteries, so I get off the scale and who knows I think I just found my way out of any conversation to do with weight......( so and so..I lost x amount of pounds over the last few weeks, how are you doing on your diet??? me... "gee my scales broke! ) I think it works! Have a great week!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The start of my Boho Bag

I finally started working on my Boho Bag! I'm following the directions from Pat Winters magazine "Crazy Quilt Gatherings." I've pieced the front flap together and have my front and back fabrics cut and ready ,now it's the gathering ( My favorite part of crazy quilting!!) and then stitching( my other favorite part!!) Here's a picture and some of the things I've picked up so far! I'll keep you posted on my progress!! Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Year of Great Expectations!

Well here it is a new year! and I'm looking forward to it!, not that this past year was bad, it was actually quite good, we had beautiful seasons, all lasting more than a few days, Claire's school year has been great, we've had our health, family, and friends. For this new year I am hoping for the same things although I know there will be some major changes in our lives, Claire will be starting to go into the 1st grade class next week!!!! My Mom will be moving in with us which I'm sure will have some challenges but we are looking forward to it and feel it can be a great experience for Mom and Claire both! ( I hope your ready to do a lot of reading Mom! ) Change can be good and I'm really okay with it once I know which direction to go ( sometimes I'm a little slow with directions of that sort ) But here's to a Blessed New Year to all of us!