Monday, March 5, 2012


Yes it's true!!! I am going to be a grandma and I can't wait!!!! April seems like forever. I went today to see the 3D ultrasound, it's amazing the things they do now ..Oh and it's a girl!!!! Claire is going to be an Auntie!!!! Dan feel asleep in his recliner the other evening....I asked him what he was doing ??? His reply....".practicing for being a Grandpa"!! Will keep you posted! In the meantime what do your grandchildren call you?? Grandma? Nana? or something else? Have a great week !!! I'm off to buy a Baby Book!! Wendy

Thursday, March 1, 2012

To Blog or not to Blog?

I keep questioning myself as to whether or not I should continue this blog. I haven't been very good at blogging, I'm not very computer savvy and wish I could figure out how everyone makes theirs so interesting, but I enjoy it when I do have time and I especially like reading other blogs, maybe this year I'll try to set aside some time and really blog.... We'll see! To all of you..Have a Great Week! Wendy