Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dried Flowers and Home Made Paper

Two of my favorite things are making paper, and drying flowers, and the fact that the two can be combined opens my mind to so many possibilities!! The excitement as each dry and watching the colors change, sometimes for the good and other times....well....not so good, but it's still fun and exciting.

I've enjoyed making paper for years and it always amazes me!
Drying flowers speaks for itself.
 A constant reminder of summer days and fragrant breezes
Does anyone want to come play?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Walks

Last Sunday we went for a walk on a new trail near home. It's always nice to walk along the water and watch the freighters and the local tour boats ( ours and Canada's!)  Claire especially enjoyed the mother goose and goslings.
I can't believe school has already started and fall is just around the corner, although the crickets and cicadas sure are a constant reminder. I guess that is what I love about Michigan, the seasons change and each has their own splendor to share..

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It's School Time Again.

The first day of school always comes with some excitement ( Claire has a new classroom this year and a new teacher!) I'm excited for all the possibilities and learning opportunities, for friends, and fun! but for awhile I worry, will she say what she needs or will she struggle in silence? will she join in or exclude herself? will she be careful on the playground? the list goes on. I know as a mother of 2 other children that it's pretty normal for a parent to have these feelings ...So to all the parents out there sending their children to school know your not alone, and to all the teachers who so lovingly chose teaching as their career I thank you.