Thursday, February 27, 2014

One foot on the floor

We got a pedestal table set about two years ago. With a pedestal table you don't have four legs to keep the top from moving a little, therefore a problem was created that I'm not sure why, I know how,...the table top wobbled a little ( which my DH tightened.) but the phobia had already presented itself, from that point on Claire would not  sit anywhere without being able to put at least one foot on the floor. I think she thought the chair had something to do with the wobble, I tried to show her as she hung onto the edge of the table with both arms and hands for dear life, that the chair didn't wobble and dad was fixing the wobble in the table, no amount of reasoning with her was working, so ,now whenever we sit at said table Claire keeps one foot on the floor. I felt so bad about this, wishing she could just relax and not be so afraid...but I wasn't even sure what she was afraid of, falling? movement?  All this because of a table ?  It also made me take notice of some other things that I knew went on but didn't think much of, always shutting doors if left open, where people sit at the table, little routines that she has. They aren't bad habits or routines, just the way things kind of run around here. It got me thinking about routines, for awhile we didn't have a put in stone routine, my mom was living with us for awhile and things changed almost daily, but now we are back into a routine, morning , evening, bedtime..  and today ....Claire sat at the table without her one foot grounded to the floor. Is it because of a routine? more self confidence? I'll never know but I'm so happy to see her relaxed and animated in what  conversation she contributes at the table, maybe one day she'll tell me what that was all about, but more likely not. and that's okay.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Letter Writing

 It started in junior high school this love for letter writing. We had a teacher who had us exchange letters with a class in Sweden, I was hooked!! I had my pen pal for years, but after we both married and started moving we lost track. I still have my letters tucked away for safe keeping, and every once in awhile I'll stumble upon them and read them again. You see emails just don't create that excitement of opening your mail box and getting a letter, an envelope addressed to you! I don't save emails too much, but I have a special box for some of the letters I've kept.

Do any of you like to write and receive letters, cards, postcards? When was the last time you sat down and jotted a note to someone? Give it a try I know you'll feel great popping it into the mail box and I'm pretty sure it'll bring a smile to the person who receives it. Go ahead you might start a habit you just can't keep to yourself ! Happy Writing!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Paper Fun

Yesterday was another freezing cold, snowy day.... a perfect day for paper making!! and that I did!!
  It was fun experimenting with different techniques. I had never made round papers before so I gave it a try, and well then one thing led to another. I had made sherbet colors, and was so pleased with the colors when they dried.
The round will be nice for fun little note cards, but I really like the colors so I think I'll make some stationary, and possible some matching envelopes. What are you doing during this winter weather?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Guinea Pig and Dog Hair

Poor Raja, she has had to put up with my penny pinching schemes of late.

After the  butcher grooming job she had done the last time I took her I thought....huuummmmm....I bet I could do this, so off to the library, I went.  After some practice I did do pretty good, but then the clippers died. So in thinking I could take her back to get groomed or save the money and do it myself, I went out and bought clippers.  So once again Raja was a guinea pig but hey I don't think the results were too bad, and I think she rather liked all the attention.
She's such a good sport. I love this dog!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine Mail

Tonight our letter writing group met for the first time in quite awhile. We enjoyed putting together little containers filled with valentine goodies to mail.
My sister Kathy brought some really good tea to try, which we all liked! My sister Laurie and I brought all kinds of little things that would fit in the containers.( I can't tell what they are as I don't want to spoil the surprise.)
We had so much fun putting these together and thinking of all kinds of possibilities, I'm sure this will be something we do quite often as we all enjoyed it so much. I just love sending mail!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Quiet Morning.

It's snowing and windy here, and I really can't believe they had school today but they do, so in the quiet of the moment I poured myself a cup of coffee , grabbed some of my red homemade paper I had leftover from a previous project, and enjoyed cutting out hearts.
 I'll add them to the letters I write this month. Aren't they fun! Now I'll sit and write a few letters and hopefully add a little sunshine to someone's day!!