Monday, February 17, 2014

Guinea Pig and Dog Hair

Poor Raja, she has had to put up with my penny pinching schemes of late.

After the  butcher grooming job she had done the last time I took her I thought....huuummmmm....I bet I could do this, so off to the library, I went.  After some practice I did do pretty good, but then the clippers died. So in thinking I could take her back to get groomed or save the money and do it myself, I went out and bought clippers.  So once again Raja was a guinea pig but hey I don't think the results were too bad, and I think she rather liked all the attention.
She's such a good sport. I love this dog!!


  1. Dear Wendy - I think you did an excellent job. She looks gorgeous. I can see why you would love her. Hope you and Claire are having fun on this winter day. Take care and have a great week.

  2. Looks like the clippers have already paid for themselves! You did an excellent grooming job with Raja. She is a good girl - so patient :)

  3. Looks good to me! I used to have two doggie brothers that were LONG hair and I groomed them as needed. I always said I'd be rich if I could think of a use for shorn dog hair. The birds did love it though!