Saturday, October 8, 2011


Not only was I still reeling from talk of Down Syndrome when a new word I had never heard of was put into the mix....Hypotonia... it's low muscle tone, muscles appear relaxed and floppy. For Claire it took her longer to crawl, walk, hold a cup, and right now being able to hold a pencil properly and print her name.. but she is able to do all these things it just happened in her time! I've learned to ignore the development pages in baby books I've made a scrapbook of her accomplishments, done in Her time, and really shouldn't that be how it is? I have a lot more patience now, when helping Claire do crafts, printing, anything with the hands. But once again she has taught me through her struggles to Slow Down, see the Whole Picture not just part of it, and mostly Enjoy Life! None of this affects her outlook, she is always happy!! Oh I long to be able to enjoy life as she does, but I'm learning! Slow Down and Enjoy Your Day!! Wendy

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm still learning

When Claire was born I thought life would be so sad for her, there would be so much she wouldn't be able to do or participate in... that was my outlook......but Claire has a whole other out look ! She is happy to be!!! She doesn't judge people by looks, she excepts most things ( barking little dogs she does not! ) She is the most compassionate person I know ( She'll cry if someone is crying.) She gives the best hugs ever and often, when going to school she has more kids and adults from every grade saying hello to her!!! ( I thought she'd be lonely!) She laughs at her fathers jokes!!! Yes I was very short sighted but my vision is improving and I expect I'll learn a lot more in the years to come. Wendy

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Claire loves to dance and spin, just the same as most little girls do, although it has been harder for her at times having to wear braces on her feet but she still dances , so maybe through her example I'm learning to dance through life's obstacles........ Like the song by Lee Ann Womack says......If you have the choice to sit out or dance I hope you dance. Keep dancing Claire!

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

October is Down Syndrome awareness month so it is my hope to post something about Down Syndrome as much as possible this month and to possibly learn more myself, after all I have Claire as the perfect teacher! So stop by often I have a feeling there's alot to learn from Claire!
Have a wonderful weekend! Wendy