Monday, September 14, 2009

Puzzle Piece

I think I've got it! This is my first try at a puzzle piece, I really want to be in the exchange for these. I just have to find out what everyone is backing these with. It is such a wonderful idea!
I've been a little busy these last couple of weeks with Claire starting school and getting back into the schedule....especially for me, I am so not a early morning person ...yawn...I'm getting there but it'll probably take me a few more weeks to feel as they say Bright and Chipper! ( so not me,wheres the coffee?) Well I'm off to the book store to pick up a book..Everyone have a great week!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Learning along the way

I've always been a kind of in a hurry type of person but, with the help of Claire, I'm learning to slow down and take note of whats around me. Instead of being so concerned with whats ahead lets look at whats in front of us..Is that something shiny on the ground? pick it up and take a look , we'll get to the place up ahead but lets enjoy where we're at. Yes I'm learning to walk a little slower...and with the help of Claire I'll stop and pick up more things to look at and admire.