Monday, September 14, 2009

Puzzle Piece

I think I've got it! This is my first try at a puzzle piece, I really want to be in the exchange for these. I just have to find out what everyone is backing these with. It is such a wonderful idea!
I've been a little busy these last couple of weeks with Claire starting school and getting back into the schedule....especially for me, I am so not a early morning person ...yawn...I'm getting there but it'll probably take me a few more weeks to feel as they say Bright and Chipper! ( so not me,wheres the coffee?) Well I'm off to the book store to pick up a book..Everyone have a great week!


  1. Awesome puzzle piece! Oh do share pictures with us of Clair starting school. What fun! What a talented lady you are. Say hi to Laurie.

  2. Wendy, your pc. is wonderful. Think we will start upagain in Oct. I will let you know. Tell Claire to have fun at school!

  3. Hey you, when ya gonna post something again??? 3 weeks, come on! I know you have got to have something in 3 wks. How about those school pics of Ms. Claire? Thanks for all your comments they are appreciated.

  4. Hi Wendy thanks for leaving such sweet comments on my blog. How's the family doing? All is well here and I'm enjoying Autumn.

  5. Your puzzle piece looks wonderful! You look ready to me!!!I back mine with a heavy fusible from Hobby Lobby. It is stiff but I sure can't think of the name. They also have it at Joann fabrics.
    I hope Laurie is not too disheartened with her arm injury. I can imagine not being able to create.
    Hugs to you both,

  6. I love your blog background. Where did you find it, if I may ask. Also I love your chicken a few posts ago, Is there a pattern for that. Lots of questions but I am playing catch up. Thanks Sharon