Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Snowball completed

This is a snowball I completed for a crazy quilting swap. I hope she likes .

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's official

As she watched across the way she saw him, sauntering across the street, she held her breath hoping beyond hope he had in his hands what she waited for!!!!!   Heart racing she runs out the door barefoot, and hair flying.... She approaches him and asks " what are you going to do with those?" he answers her with the words she waited for," throw them out"!!! YES !!! There hers, she takes them proudly knowing she has now become an official recycler!

Wait to see what they become!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Around the World to Ireland

Our country for March was Ireland. We really had fun again learning about another country and customs. I find if I find books, movies, etc. with other children in it she really pays attention.
We studied a little about sheep and found some fun books to read from the library, sheep in a jeep was her favorite! We looked at yarn ( I didn't have any real spun wool ). We watched a video about Ireland and played When Irish Eyes are Smiling on the auto harp ( she's learning to use the auto harp and really seems to like it.) I forgot to show the puppet I made for Ireland I'll have to show her in another post, she really enjoys the puppets! Next month were off to Japan! I can't wait! I think I learn as much as she does doing these studies. Oh I almost forgot! our food  for this one was Baked Potatoes!  Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Gift From My Dad

While cleaning out some things from her classroom my sister came across these number rods that my father had made.

My Father had such a kind spirit to those with special needs and I always wished he could have been here for Claire.  Each time we open this box I know that he is there cheering her on and nodding his head in approval to me, and that brings me great comfort. It reminds me that he is here and always will be in our hearts. Thank you Marti for a precious gift and Thank you Dad for caring enough to make it.  Wendy

Monday, April 8, 2013

Blueberry Tea and Stationery

Tonight was the first meeting of our letter writing group. My sisters and my mother attended. We sipped blueberry tea and wrote cards and letters. It turned out everyone had bought different cards and stationery, and without knowing, all of us had bought different postage stamps!

My sister Kathy brought fountain pens for each of us to use. I liked how it made my writing look while using it, so will definitely get one.  We'll meet twice a month and I'm hoping next month to make our own stationery!  We all had a few different ideas so it'll be fun to see how this progresses!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Stationary and Wax Seals

I miss writing letters.
As a young girl I loved going to the Ben Franklin's store here in town and would stand in the stationary aisle just mesmerized by all the beautiful and or cute stationary and there was always the matching envelopes! As I got older I would buy the wax sticks and seals, there was just something about sealing your envelope with the wax....feminine? vintage? kind of like the Jane Austen era, it made me wonder what kind of letters were being sent. While thinking of all of this I decided to start a letter writing group with my sisters and friends and I can't wait! I sent out invitations and ran and bought some pretty stationary and stamps. So now I anxiously wait for Sunday!