Thursday, April 4, 2013

Stationary and Wax Seals

I miss writing letters.
As a young girl I loved going to the Ben Franklin's store here in town and would stand in the stationary aisle just mesmerized by all the beautiful and or cute stationary and there was always the matching envelopes! As I got older I would buy the wax sticks and seals, there was just something about sealing your envelope with the wax....feminine? vintage? kind of like the Jane Austen era, it made me wonder what kind of letters were being sent. While thinking of all of this I decided to start a letter writing group with my sisters and friends and I can't wait! I sent out invitations and ran and bought some pretty stationary and stamps. So now I anxiously wait for Sunday!    


  1. It's true writing letters is a dying art, glad to hear of your group it's a great idea. Hugs, Pearl

  2. Looking forward to Sunday! Bought stationery, pretty stamps and fountain pen - quill and ink well would be going back too far :) Another great idea, Wen! Can't wait!

  3. Hi Wendy, Thanks for stopping at my blog. I miss real letters sometimes too. I have to admit I am horrible at writing them though. Sometimes I write my kids letters though and stick them on their pillows to find at night. Its a good way to say things that they need to hear but its easier to read. And its a loving treasure I have seen them hide away to keep.

  4. Hi honey
    Such a great idea. I would love to hear more about it.
    I too would always go to the stationary at our five and dime store.
    I try to write my grand kids but i should do it more

  5. I need to get my stationary, it's going to be fun!

  6. Wendy - what a super idea. There is nothing more special than getting a handwritten letter in the mail. In this day and age it is becoming a lost art. So glad you are planning on doing this. I can certainly identify with the Ben Franklin our local town we still have one of those. Thanks for sharing your new endeavor. God Bless you.