Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rainy Days and Lessons

I home school Claire during the summer and this summer we've been working on weather and how to dress for it! Well today has been rainy and cool ( wonderful for a change!!) just a nice summer rain , so I went to the closet and got out snow pants, boots, rain coat, umbrella, hats,etc. and we decided on what to wear in the rain.....well you cant dress up and not go outside, well to say the least I wasn't really excited to go out but I'm thrilled I did! When was the last time you jumped in a puddle, or let the rain hit your face, looked at the plants all wet, and smelled the air, and plain just had fun playing in the rain?? Try it you'll be glad you did!

Have a wonderful Rainy Day! Wendy

Friday, July 6, 2012

Family is a Special Event

I found this idea in a magazine a few years ago, I was always going to wait until I had a tea or party and then would forget about it . Well on the 4th of July I found the article and directions again and decided to make it to put fruit in. I think it turned out really pretty and will do this again, and although I didn't get to use it on the 4th as it had to freeze overnight I enjoyed using it the following night with our dinner. It also made me realize that I don't have to wait for "Events" to set a pretty table, Family is a special event!