Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Year of Great Expectations!

Well here it is a new year! and I'm looking forward to it!, not that this past year was bad, it was actually quite good, we had beautiful seasons, all lasting more than a few days, Claire's school year has been great, we've had our health, family, and friends. For this new year I am hoping for the same things although I know there will be some major changes in our lives, Claire will be starting to go into the 1st grade class next week!!!! My Mom will be moving in with us which I'm sure will have some challenges but we are looking forward to it and feel it can be a great experience for Mom and Claire both! ( I hope your ready to do a lot of reading Mom! ) Change can be good and I'm really okay with it once I know which direction to go ( sometimes I'm a little slow with directions of that sort ) But here's to a Blessed New Year to all of us!


  1. That's the most adorable picture of Claire, Wendy! Yes she does look like you! I know there will be challenges with Mom, but you have all of us behind you, and plenty of shoulders to cry or lean on. Bless you!

  2. Claire looks so grown up! She looks pretty for Christmas. What a blessing to have a Grandmother and Granddaughter living together! I'm sure it will bring many years of joy for them. Hugs, Pearl

  3. I'm so glad to meet Claire. She is lovely.