Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Computer problems fixed!!!

Finally my computer is up and running! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Ours was a little different this year.... I give a Christmas Eve, Eve party for the family and usually am more organized and a few things planned but this year my Mother was in the hospital and is now in rehab and it seemed I just ran out of time ( and possibly steam? ) but as always my family pulled through and we all had a wonderful Relaxing evening which was most needed and I think we all enjoyed ourselves. Christmas evening we were able to take Mom for a few hours so she was able to spend time with the family at my nieces house which we do every year. She had a good time and was tired out when they took her back. So as you can see our Christmas was a little different this year but our family always seems to step up to the plate and we are all very blessed! May all of you have a Blessed Christmas Season!

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  1. Whew glad to see you back! I miss ya lady, thanks for the kind words on my blog, what's Claire up to and the rest of your family?
    So glad to hear your Mom is up and around. Have a good rest of the week!