Thursday, June 4, 2009

The lost art of letter writing

Remember the movies where the lady opens the chest and there neatly wrapped in ribbon is a stack of letters? Well When my son went to boot camp and sent letters home I kept them all and wrapped them in ribbon and put a tag saying they were from Matthew and the year .

I loved putting confetti in letters and cards ( much to my niece's dismay),and kept unique stamps. I loved going to the Ben Franklin's and picking out stationary and matching envelopes and stickers! At times we would use pantie hose cardboard that the hose were wrapped around,and draw & color on the front and write the letter on the back and make our own post cards!

There was something about going to the mail box and hoping for the much anticipated letters from friends or pen pals (my pen pal was from Sweden). I like emailing but still miss the letter in the mail box, the thrill when you see your name hand written,the excitement of sitting down,opening it and reading ( again,and again). The sheer joy it brings to your day.

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  1. Beautiful post, lost art is right. My girlfriend who hates computers says the same thing.