Friday, June 19, 2009

Busy Week

It's sure been a busy week once again! I'm hoping things will slow down a little! Claire started dance class and I have some pictures!!!!Yes I didn't forget the camera this time. (Thank you Pearl I put it in my purse!) Now I just have to take the time to put them on my blog!! Raja had obedience class on Wednesday and did great!! I was so happy! I hope to get her Canine Good Citizen this summer. I'll try and get those pictures on tonight! Everyone have a GRAND day:)


  1. Oh I must see Claires photos! Its wonderful to see kids involed in something they love. I bet she does too huh? Shes so sweet Wendy and what a good Mom you are. Tell her Miss Pearl is very proud of her! Have a great day!!

  2. Hi Wendy, Sorry to be so slow in answering your questions about the puzzle pcs. Go to for information. If you go back to the first post it will explain, size, etc. We shall be starting up again in the fall, but you can go to the blog anytime. Hope this helps. Sharon

  3. Hi Wendy~
    Glad you stopped by. I saw your CQ pillow. It is beautiful. I'm going to post a vest that I CQ a few years ago. I like to do that too. I'v got some vintage stacked sewing machine drawers and I want to put a top on them and then cover it with CQ and ribbon embroidery. Big plans, so little time.
    Can't wait to see Claire's pictures.