Friday, April 4, 2014

Loom Weaving Class

Last Saturday I spent the afternoon at the local art studio taking a loom weaving class. It was so relaxing and enjoyable, although I would have liked to have been able to pick a color, this was alright as it's my husbands favorite so I knew right away I would make it for him.

I loved using the shuttle and learning to use 2 of the peddles. I did enjoy it but it seems like a lot to set up a loom and  I think I would get terribly bored after the excitement wore off. I have to be careful when deciding which things ( hobbies, crafts, etc.) to pursue as I do tend to get bored with it after awhile.  I enjoyed learning how to make this scarf but I am not going to go out and get a loom, and will probably not weave again for a long while. But isn't my model handsome?!? What is something you tried and enjoyed but probably wont pursue?


  1. Ha! go see my post today! I was working a primitive hand loom project and that is pretty much how I felt about it.

  2. Marriage! LOL!!!

    And other projects designed to drain commitment to see them through - like needlepoint and counted cross stitch.

  3. Dear Wendy - been crazy busy here - owe you a letter and just catching up on posts too. Love this scarf - you are so talented and your hubby looks so handsome as well. I used to sew years ago but don't much now at all (just to mend-which I don't enjoy-always liked making something new not repair old- lol). May get out my sewing machine and make some new pillow covers for chairs someday - may not either!! Will be writing you a letter soon. Hugs