Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Letters anyone?

 I've been busy making cards, and some home made paper. Seems a shame to not be able to use it..

As you know I've started a letter writing group and would really like a few more people to exchange letters with, would any of my blogger friends be interested? If so just send me an email ( it's in my profile.)  Hope to hear from you soon!


  1. Oh Wendy - count me in for that letter writing...I will email you my address and you can send me yours. Love those colored paper circles - they are really going to make cheerful cards. Hugs

  2. Glad your letter writing group is going well. My family and I moved to another part of the state so I really miss my letter writing club. Starting a new group will have to wait though since we're still house hunting and don't know exactly where we'll end up. Once we're finally settled I'll start looking for like-minded women.