Monday, July 1, 2013

Friends I made this past fall for Claires school!

While at my brother and sister in laws house last fall I worked on puppets for Claire for our travels around the world, she really enjoys interacting with the puppet of the month ( for whatever country we are studying.) This month starts our journey to Japan! will keep you posted on our adventures as I have a lot of things planned!

The countries I have represented so far are China, Japan, Ireland, Netherlands, Mexico, I had so much fun making them and  already have a couple ideas for a few more.  Each of the puppets is holding or wearing something to represent what we did or will do... Ireland we planted shamrocks, China, we made lanterns, Netherlands, we went to the Holland Michigan Tulip Festival, for Japan we will make a doll, and for Mexico we will learn the Mexican Hat dance! We also make a food, watch a movie, learn a song etc.  Can't wait to share our adventures with you!!!   Wendy

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  1. Dang Wendy can I be home schooled by you? You make it so fun! I'm sure Claire loves it. Have fun, Pearl