Wednesday, July 3, 2013

First Day Of School

We started our school year on Monday the 1st. This is Claire's 1st day picture!  She was so excited to start school again and has really stayed focused, she's growing in so many ways already this summer and is my little helper in the kitchen and really likes to help cook. She loves to get things out of the refrigerator and help set and clear the table.

We read some Haiku today out of a beautiful book I was given from my sister, and will see about writing some of our own.  We looked at trees, and the other typical school things. Actually I was ready to start again to.  Happy 4th to all!  Wendy


  1. Claire looks so cute with her clothes and shoes, and a pretty smile. I did Haiku in school too, but I was so confused by it. I never really figured it out. Ha Ha. Have fun you two and have a safe and wonderful 4th of July Hugs, Pearl

  2. I don't get Haiku. Claire's enthusiasm for a new school year start shows in here pretty little face! Here's to a great year of learning new things, Claire. I loved school too!! all too many years ago.

    Happy Holiday.

  3. Dear Wendy - that Claire looks adorable. I think it sounds wonderful all the things you both learn together. Hope you are having a great summer. Take care.

  4. Claire looks so cute and ho how she has grown. Darling outfit. Have fun Claire!

  5. Claire looks soo darling here. I am so glad she is happy about going back to school. She is adorable and love her outfit.