Saturday, August 22, 2009

My finished chicken!

I finished my chicken! Each time I do one I learn something new, whether its a new stitch ,or how to dye lace. Everyone is so helpful! Thank you all.
I wish I had a better camera this one doesn't take very good pictures. Have a Great Day everyone!


  1. Beautiful, and I love the face!!

  2. That chicken look awsome to me. So much detail work. I'll so you what I'm working on after next Thursday.
    Have a relaxing Sunday.

  3. Wendy he is fantastic. I would like to try to make a chicken. Do you have a pattern and directions? Sharon PS I wrote to Laurie about the puzzle pcs. and some hints. Hope it helps.

  4. Good job Wendy I love the colors, that's the way roosters should be! I wish I could have real chickens and roosters. I'm a farm girl still at heart. Grab my cup o coffee in the morn and go out and gather up the eggs. Can you imagine in the neighborhood I'm moving to?! I'd take them over and share with my neighbors the farmers in the 4,000 sq.ft. home. Heck they will probably bring some to me off of there farm! LOL We will have to start our own business together. Hope he will give me some profits from all them eggs? Oh heck fire that will be alot of cakes and cookies I will have to bake! Never Mind.

  5. I LOVE this chicken!!! I've not seen anything quite like this before- darling!!