Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Crazy Quilting and Lace

I think I am truly addicted to crazy quilting! This is a project I'm working on for my sister . I couldn't get any lace that was dark enough so I dyed it following the directions out of a book. I love how it turned out! I just love the colors in this so I'll have to make myself a pillow or something out of the left over fabric! See I don't even finish one project and my mind is going onto the next!! ( My sisters and friends say I talk the same way...) Have a great day ..week...month


  1. Thanks, Wendy, for your comment on my blog. I came by for a visit on yours. So sweet! I love your crazy quilt and Claire is a little doll. And how nice it must be to live where you do (at least during the summer) so that you can actually enjoy summer! Thanks for the bit of joy this morning!
    (Hey, I loved Miss Potter, too!)

  2. Ah ha! I just knew you would love CQ. Your in trouble now.LOL Love what you are doing. Sharon

  3. Hi Wendy~ so nice you stopped in. I love hearing from you. The crazy quilting there is beautiful. It does get addicting and especially the embelishments. Hope you will share it with us when you finish.
    Have a wonderful night.

  4. Have you ever tried coffee-staining lace? .. LOVE it!
    Thanks for visiting! Love your background!!

  5. Hi Wendy~
    Use the morning's leftover coffee. I hate to waste it. :)
    Pour onto a large platter or into a bowl.
    Add tags, lace, whatnot. Soak. (Add vanilla for yumminess!)
    Drip dry. Or let coffee evaporate on its own for a darker, more antiquey, aged look.
    No recipe. No rules.
    I never actually researched it.
    Mostly trial & error, but I love the look!
    Have fun experimenting~
    p.s. when i dry my tags in the sun, they come out nice and glossy!?!!! :)

  6. Very Nice! Hey I forgot to tell you thank you for the post card. I love it! Michigan flowers are gorgeous!! What a nice surprise to get in the mail. It's all ya need is a simple post card once in awhile. I'll be sending you and sis one too. It really made my day. Thanks,Hon

  7. Oh my goodness! That is beautiful Can't wait to see all you create..have a fun, creative and happy week :-)

  8. Wow! Isn't that so pretty! You are one crative girl! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog!!!

    LOVE the linens in your header!