Monday, February 1, 2016

Letters on the go

 I love writing and receiving letters, I've mentioned this a few times on this blog. In these busy times I've found a way to take my writing with me, jot down notes and send off letters all in a handy makeup bag,
I just love this, I take it with me to Claire's swim lessons, trips, and work.
It's so handy.
What do you use to keep all your writing things in one place?
Happy Writing!


  1. I used to write letters regularly when we lived out of state. It is becoming a lost art and needs to be rescued before we lose this form of communicating altogether. Electronic devices have pretty much decimated handwritten letters, and even worse, taken cursive penmanship out of many of our schools. So we who use pens and paper will become extinct if we don't do something to create a revival. Good going, Wendy!

  2. Oh gosh, my supplies are at my desk/computer area. This is a nifty way to keep them together. Tell Claire Hi!
    xx, Carol

    1. Hi Carol, I keep trying to post a comment on your blog but it keeps coming back undelivered.