Monday, March 18, 2013

A Little St. Patrick's Day Fun!

I had a family get together for St. Patrick's day this year, kind of a spur of the moment idea (which most of my ideas are!) but I think everyone enjoyed themselves. This is a cute picture of my Mom.

My sisters and I just having fun! My sister Kathy made her own hat for the occasion.

My sister Laurie and husband Ken,  he really got into the spirit of things and made his jacket and as always found the perfect festive tie. ( no holiday would be the same without Ken's ties!)

One cute little leprechaun don't you think?

And fun was had by all!!  Happy St. Patrick's Day to All!!!



  1. Great post Wendy! That party was a riot. Spur of the moment or not, it was a great celebration. Ken and I had so much fun, when is the next party!?

  2. So much fun, and even Mr. Pickles 'hung out' for the party :) Kids of all ages had a great time! Loved seeing all the Green! It was a lot of fun.

  3. You have such a fun family and you will always make great memories! Love the pictures. Hugs, Pearl

  4. Oh Wendy - this looks like the best of times. That little leprechaun looks like the sweetest of all. Your picture of your mom and you and your sisters wonderful. Thanks for inviting me to visit. God Bless.

  5. What a cute idea with the picture frame.