Friday, August 3, 2012

A Girl and Her Doll!

This Tinkerbell doll has gone everywhere with us ( in the last year.) This is doll number three, and it looks like number 4 is probably just around the corner, notice the hair!!! and Dan had to fix her leg the other day. She's been stuck in register vents, rocking chair footrest levers, doors, drawers, and attached by the neck to a cat toy and flung around until her head came off, ( Dan tried to fix that one but wasn't successful thus doll number 3) you name it these dolls have been through it all. The conversations that take place between the two are priceless. So yes Tink went camping with us and thanks to my sister she got the perfect picture of Claire and her doll! Pure contentment don't you think?


  1. So precious! I just wonder what adventures Tink #4 will have!

  2. Love the picture! That's a framer one, she just seems to have a wonderful spirit. Glad you shared! Hugs, Pearl