Saturday, April 14, 2012

Not so computer savvy

How does everyone put their names across their photos? and where do you find the copyright sign to put on your side bars??? and how do you do the photo collages????? ( can you tell I really don't know much about computers or blogging, but I would really like to learn...If anyone has any answers for me please let me know.....Wendy


  1. Wendy, thank you for stopping by over at Hens Teeth.
    Now, your questions.
    Do you mean a watermark on your photos?
    Have you photo editing software on your computer? If you have, all that I know, I have learned myself by googling. This can be done on photo editing.
    Youtube is invaluable for answering most creative questions too.

  2. Download Picassa. It's free for editing our photos and creating collages.

  3. Frustrating I know, me no computer guru either, that's why I always ask Laurie she has helped me many times over the years. Hugs, good luck, Pearl