Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another Beautiful Weekend Hike!

This was a new hiking spot for us and it was really pretty , it used to be a girl scout camp, in a way I felt kind of bad as we walked through thinking about all the girls who had stomped down those trails, you could almost hear the camp songs and invision the canoes being launched. We found a thicket of Hawthorne covered by wild grapevines, Claire thought it was great ! As we travelled along the trail we found lots of fall wild flowers and and the river. What a nice hike, can't wait to take my sisters!


  1. I remember making chicken gumbo over the fire, hiking the trails, and smore's by firelight at this camp. But now it's open to all, and I can't wait myself to go hiking their!

  2. How fun to find a thicket for Claire to go in like a little hide out. Walking through the girl scout camp would bring back lots of memories for me! Glad you had a good day! Pearl