Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vintage Handkerchiefs

My sister just returned from her trip to Iowa and brought me back some vintage handkerchiefs, I thought they were very pretty and couldn't wait to show them.
I like to use them as doilies,they are so pretty. I especially like the handmade and embroidered ones. I often wonder what the woman was like that carried it.
I think they are so feminine and even bought some ( new ) and now carry one in my purse and even gave one to Claire for her little purse.
If anyone has other ideas of how to use them please let me know.


  1. Well hello Miss Wendy! I know you're going to love your blog, and if like me, you'll become addicted! Hey! Complete your profile or I'm going to do it for you!

  2. Are those the hankerchiefs in your hearder picture that your sister got for you? There so pretty. I to love old vintage things. I collect tea cups. Some old and some new. I like the old ones though because like you, I wonder what kind of woman used it to sip that tea cup. It just makes me wonder what kind of life she had. Good luck with your new blog.

  3. Hi Wendy, welcome to blogging. Your sis sent me over. I use vintage hankies in my crazy quilting and love the look. I have some very old ones and will put them on my blog as soon as I locate them. I tucked them away for safe keeping and yup now I can't find them LOL!!! Enjoy blogging. Warmly, Sharon (and yes finish that profile, you never know what a sister might write! mmm....)

  4. Hi Wendy! Welcome to blogland, your going to have so much fun. I love hankies too. Come on over and I have a picture of one I love. The rest I will show you later as soon as I find them. We just had to dismantle the entire house for painting and all new floors. Whew, what a mess. I have been visiting your sister Laurie for quite some time, she's a friend now. What a sweet heart of a sister you have. Well hope to see you soon. Pearl

  5. Hi Wendy and welcome! I came over from Pearl's blog! I had a post just before my Easter post where I used vintage linens, hankies included, in a nifty storage idea, using bins! Come visit I'd love to have you for a visit!