Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dried Flowers and Home Made Paper

Two of my favorite things are making paper, and drying flowers, and the fact that the two can be combined opens my mind to so many possibilities!! The excitement as each dry and watching the colors change, sometimes for the good and other times....well....not so good, but it's still fun and exciting.

I've enjoyed making paper for years and it always amazes me!
Drying flowers speaks for itself.
 A constant reminder of summer days and fragrant breezes
Does anyone want to come play?


  1. Your paper is always so beautiful, and I love the rich colors of your dried flowers!

  2. Yes Wendy - I certainly do. Your paper is wonderful and I love getting it in my mail. (Reminds me I owe you a letter) - sorry - been busy in the garden...take heart things will start to slow down soon. Hugs. Have a great day.

  3. Wendy I really truly love your paper. I would love to know how you make it. Maybe a tutorial????
    Claire looks so cute and that smile is just beautiful. I hope her first days at school this year have been wonderful..